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  • The Fury UV 2 Champion series of soccer goalie gloves have been designed with a hybrid cut for a versatile look and feel. A great keeper glove for club players to pros looking to wear high-end german latex on both the palm and backhand.

Fury UV 2 Soccer Goalie Gloves - Versatile Professional Gloves

Renegade GK designed the Fury UV 2 gk gloves to offer more versatility to pro level keepers who need it the most. For those who want the premium features of a professional glove combined with the cut and grip that allows a snug fit and a tighter, true-to-hand feel for great ball handling.

Original Fury UV, shown below:

Hybrid Cut Soccer Gloves Packed With Premium Features - Giving You The Best Of Both Worlds

The versatility provided by the roll negative hybrid cut on our Fury UV goalie gloves gives you a perfect combination of excellent grip provided by a roll cut glove as well as the tactile feel of a negative cut glove.

So if you prefer a tighter fit but still want that extra control over the ball, these GK gloves are the perfect choice for you.

These features combined with our high-end German latex on the palms and backhands as well the 3D airmesh ventilation system found on all of our Fury soccer gloves range make these gloves an excellent choice.

Renegade GK Fury UV Goalie Gloves Boy Catching the Ball
Renegade GK Fury UV Goalkeeper Gloves On the Net

Fury UV2 Gloves Features

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