Aegis 2.0 Believe Watercolor Form-Fitting Performance Face Mask [PRESALE]

Aegis 2.0 Believe Watercolor Form-Fitting Performance Face Mask [PRESALE]

Aegis 2.0 Believe Watercolor Form-Fitting Performance Face Mask [PRESALE]

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The Story Of A Young Artist - Aegis 2.0 "Believer" Mask

Lily came to us with a concept for a mask design. What made her request so unique was that she wanted to donate all of the proceeds from this mask to a charity of her choice. At Renegade GK we believe in partnerships of all kinds and thought what a better way to help Lily achieve her goals but more importantly help Lily impact the world even at such a young age. We don't believe limits should exist purely because of the age of a passionate individual and have partnered with Lily to make this happen. We are pleased to now offer, in limited quantities, the special edition Aegis 2.0 "BELIEVE" Mask. The Believe mask is one of 10 masks offered in our Aegis mask series that are now available for purchase. 

We are proud to announce that all of the proceeds from the Aegis Believer mask will be donated to the First Responders Children's Foundation, the charity of Lily's choice. We would encourage you and even other brands to take part in donating if you're able in the event you may not be in need of a mask. Every amount helps.

Not in need of a mask? We've provided a donation option where we cover half the cost and you cover the rest. These masks will not ship to you, we will donate these masks each month locally and be posting periodically on social media to our following as we drop off donations! Alternatively, do you know of a first responders group or another group of medical frontline staff that may be in need? Let us know by submitting this information to and we will see if we can accommodate this request! Thank you in advance if you choose this option! 

Three-layer mask designed according to CDC recommendations to slow the spread of COVID-19. The outer layer and inner layer are constructed from Silvadur® antimicrobial performance fabric, which is moisture-wicking and quick-dry. The middle layer is a polyamide-nylon fused fabric that helps with the overall structure and acts as an added barrier layer while still being breathable. The mask is designed with a two-panel contoured structure that improves fit and minimizes air-leak. It is complete with an extra-strong adjustable metal nose strip and adjustable ear straps with cinch fastening for a secure fit.

With so many options you can select a quantity that fits your needs. Outfit your self with our single option, a couple of family members with our 2 pack option, and an entire family with our 5 pack option. We offer all masks with and without Microbe-Guard treatment. The final option is our donation option. You pay a reduced rate and we both share the costs of donating locally to our first responders and medical personnel. The donated mask will not be shipped to customers, we will donate on your behalf. 

[Remember The Aegis 2.0 Mask Is Reusable]


  • Designed according to CDC recommendations
  • Outer layer + Inner layer: Treated With Microbe-Guard if selected
  • Middle layer: Isolation Layer Eliminating Dust
  • Multi-panel contoured structure to minimize air-leak
  • Adjustable ear straps with cinch fastening
  • Adjustable metal nose strip
  • Reusable
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