Glove Cuts

Roll Finger (Gunn)

Roll Finger gloves tend to be one of the most popular cuts currently available. The name "roll finger" comes from the fact that the backhand is connected directly to the palm and does not use gussets. This results in the latex being rolled or curved around the fingers which provides a high level of latex contact with the ball. The advantage to this cut is that it tends to not be as snug or tight around the fingers in comparison to negative cut gloves.

Available Gloves: Fury InfernoFury Sub-Z, Vulcan Abyss, Talon Cyclone 2, Triton Specter, Triton Raider , Vortex Storm

Available Sizes: 5-11


Negative cut gloves and the hybrids that utilize this style have become increasingly popular in the United States due to European influence. Negative cut gloves are similar to flat cut as they use a single piece of latex attached to the backhand by gussets, the main difference between the two is that the stitching is actually inside the glove. This provides a much tighter fit where the control on the ball is hightened due to the lack of space between the fingers and the glove.

Available Gloves: Talon Ignite, Talon Revolt

Available Sizes: 5-11

Roll-Negative Hybrid

The Roll-Negative cut is a hybrid style that combines both roll finger and a negative cuts to produce maximum control, comfort, and flexibility. Three of the five fingers are rolled in the same way as a traditional roll finger glove, but this hybrid cut contains stitching on the middle two fingers of the palm similar to a negative cut glove. The benefits of this combination provides a snugger fit blended with the contact a roll finger grants you. For players used to a more spacious or loose fitting glove you may want to consider buying one size up when choosing a glove with this cut.

Available Gloves: Fury UV2, Vulcan Shockwave, Vulcan Surge, Triton Frenzy, Vortex Salvo. Vortex Venom

Available Sizes: 6-11


The Roll-Hybrid cut blends the positives of both a roll finger glove as well as the breathability of the flat cut. The finger tips of this cut maintain the rolled style which provides maximum surface area on the fingers during shot stopping. Further down the fingers you'll find added gussets that aide in ventilation between your fingers. We've seen this glove cut become one of the more popular styles lately as it blends the two most popular styles of cuts over the past decade.

Available Gloves: Fury Siege, Vortex Wraith

Available Sizes: 7-11

Flat (Box)

The Flat cut is tends to be one of the most historically popular cuts. On a flat cut palm you should see that its stitched gussets are located on the outside of the palm. This cut also consists of a single piece of latex attached to the back of the glove, with the gussets in between the fingers and palm. Many times the gussets between the fingers are referred to as a box cut style where ventilation is added to maximize breathability and moisture control.

Available Gloves: Vulcan Raze, Talon Mirage

Available Sizes: 5-11

Flat Gecko

The cut of this glove actually gives you an expanded finger tip which increases the contact area on the ball. In a Flat Gecko cut you maintain the comfort of a flat cut glove while gaining the advantage of the embossed lines on the palms. This is one of the key aspects of this cut that adds to the comfort without taking anything away from the key contact areas of the glove. 

Available Gloves: Fury Volt

Available Sizes: 7-11