How do I know which CUT to choose?

When selecting your new goalkeeper gloves it’s always important to understand the difference that the cut will make in the feel and performance a goalkeeper experiences. Each cut changes slightly the feel and potentially the snug nature of how the gloves fit on a players hands. Take a look below at the different cuts we offer and some of the differences of each or you can check our gloves cut guide.


What is a Flat/Flat Gecko Cut and why would I choose it?

Our flat and flat gecko cuts offer maximum ventilation while providing our most spacious glove in both feel and flexibility. Players who select either of these styles typically desire a glove that has ample space in them and does not feel tight around the fingers. This loose feeling is created by the way the gloves ventilation, or gussets as we call them, integrate into its design. Here's a link to our flat cut and flat gecko cut gloves.


What is a Roll Cut and why would I choose it?

Roll cut gloves over the past decade have become the most popular gloves desired by keepers worldwide. Roll cut, sometimes referred to as Gunn Cut simply describes the manner in which the latex on the palm of this glove style rolls around the fingers. The latex rolling around the fingers increases the surface area a goalkeeper has to make contact with the ball during shot stopping. Keepers wearing roll cut gloves enjoy the somewhat snugger feeling they get around their fingers which some say increases their “feel for the ball” during play. Just know that roll cut gloves will feel a bit tighter than flat cut gloves if you’re new to the cut. Check out our roll cut gloves page.


What is a Negative Cut and why would I choose it?

Negative cut gloves are by far the tightest feeling gloves available to the market. The negative cut glove will feel snugger around the fingers due to the fact that the gussets, or seams, are sewn on the interior of the gloves fingers. Keepers that choose this style glove prefer a tighter fitting, less- spacious glove, where they have the maximum feel for the ball due to the manner in which the glove is stitched. This is by far the opposite end of the spectrum from a flat cut glove. If you previously wore a flat cut, roll cut, or hybrid style glove and now decide to purchase a negative cut glove please know that you should expect the glove to feel tighter around your fingers. Visit our negative cut goalkeeper gloves page.


What is a Hybrid Cut and why would I choose it?

Hybrid cut gloves come in many different hybrid styles yet all provide similar benefits to a keeper. Hybrid cuts are taking over goalie glove preferences for many players since they traditionally blend the best elements of the styles they’ve incorporated. In most hybrid gloves you gain flexibility and ventilation while maintaining a feel for the ball. Players who select a hybrid style glove want the blend of certain aspects of the above styles all in one glove. Keepers who enjoy the added surface area of a roll style, but prefer the snug fit of a negative cut may decide to purchase our Roll- Negative Hybrids. Goalkeepers that need added ventilation of a flat cut glove yet still want a snugger fit may select a Roll-Flat style. The bottom line to remember when considering hybrid gloves are the different aspects that each blended style offers from the above list. Like other styles, hybrid gloves will feel a bit tighter around the fingers depending on the blend of cuts you choose. Here's a link to our hybrid cut keeper gloves page.


Do all finger save gloves come with 5 spines?

Yes, each Renegade GK glove model that comes with finger saves will contain 5 spines per hand.


What’s your return policy?

All Renegade GK gloves are warrantied for 30 days against manufacturing defects. Just send us a picture to support@renegade-gk.com of the defect and we'll send you a replacement if approved.


What is the difference between Renegade GK’s gloves and other brands?

We offer a variety of gloves built for every level of player, age, and playing surface. All RGK goalkeeper glove series vary in the thickness, grip, and material properties used on the backhands and palms, as well as the craftsmanship and the features of each glove. We started Renegade GK because we knew that we could offer a full range of high-quality gloves that hold up to the demands of our keepers while solving a customer's worst nightmare, the costs associated with the position. All Renegade GK gloves deliver a quality and value that would cost two times as much in other brands, that’s our commitment to you! Remember, we’re keepers too!


How do I size my gloves?

With so many different cuts available we know that sizing is the most challenging part when looking at buying new gloves. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our sizing chart helps you decide accurately but please remember all players hands are shaped differently. Also, please remember it is normal if you plan to use finger saves in your gloves that they will fit more snugly than if they are removed. Just remember, if you order your gloves and they don’t fit let us know and we will exchange them for you as long as they are still in their original, unused condition! If you need additional help regarding sizing please don’t hesitate to email us as we will gladly help: support@renegade-gk.com


Why can’t I find your gloves in stores?

We decided early on that in order to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product it is imperative that we control all aspects of how our gloves are stored, handled, and delivered to our customers. It’s more important to us that we know you’re getting a brand new product, in top shape, all within a timeframe that is predictable.