Glove Sizing

When it comes to sizing, every goalkeeper has their own individual preferences. Jorge Campos, the former Mexico National Team goalkeeper, was famous for preferring big gloves.  The legendary Peter Shilton preferred tight gloves.  As a goalkeeper, sometimes it takes a little trial and error!

At Renegade GK, we make sure our gloves are accurately sized and align with most of the major brands on the market.  There are subtle differences: many of our keepers have said the gloves tend to run on the small side!  This was was by design - all GK gloves with finger saves will feel tighter until they have a chance to break in.  Be sure to follow the instructions on the Renegade GK Glove sizing chart to ensure the best possible fit. For less experienced buyers, we've included a video with some helpful tips below!

Since proper fit is so important for a goalkeeper, we have a great exchange policy! If the glove doesn't feel right, you can return for a different model and/or size at no charge (see our return & exchange policy). We want to make sure that your glove fits properly so that it can perform in all situations!

You Can Download a Printable Version of The Glove Sizing Chart Here 

goalkeeper glove sizing for youth goalies to adult keepers