The Renegade difference is truly in the care we take to build the most current and innovative technology into our gloves. Goalkeepers are meticulous in their routines, this mentality has carried over into the art that is our glove design and specs.  There is no single aspect that we've overlooked, no critic greater than ourselves, and no shortcuts in our process.

The key to getting the most out of your new pair of Renegade gloves truly comes down to selecting the right glove for your needs. Below we have outlined some of the excellent features that define the Renegade standard of excellence. We develop gloves that pack more value into your hands than the strike of any attacker. That's being a Renegade!

Our Latex Options

German Giga Grip Latex
german giga grip latex








 A choice of professionals and one of the finest palms available in terms of grip, cushioning, and hold. A latex palm which, due to its special composition, offers pure grip and maximum hold during impact. Its microporous structure makes this latex extremely elastic and soft. Use this type of latex in a variety of climates or conditions and it will preserve its outstanding qualities. When using Giga latex we suggest you clean the palm material regularly to maximize its grip by removing dirt particles with warm water.

Available Gloves: Fury Volt, Fury UV, Fury Sub-Z

Available Sizes: 7-11

Level: 4

German NB Hyper Grip Latex
German Hyper Grip Latex








A new development and major breakthrough in latex see the launch of our German NB Hyper Grip latex foam. This remarkable latex offers 20% greater impact absorption from lower density latex palms and has increased durability in all weather conditions. This is a phenomenal all-around latex that stands up to abuse but performs under pressure.

Available Gloves: Vulcan Abyss, Vulcan Surge, Talon Cyclone 2, Talon Ignite, Talon Mirage, Talon Revolt

Available Sizes: 5-11

Levels: 2 & 3

German Super Grip
German Super Grip Latex








 An all-around rough profile glove that performs best on hard grounds and tough environments. This turf ready glove delivers both the flexibility and grip you'd expect in a high-end product but delivers durability that is unmatched with most latex options. This would be a suitable option for players who predominantly find themselves training and playing matches on turf; or for parents of young keepers who want to avoid purchasing gloves regularly. 

Available Gloves: Triton Raider, Triton Specter, Triton Frenzy 

Available Sizes: 5-11

Level: 2

German Contact Latex (Coming Soon)
German Contact Latex








A superb value featuring 3mm-3.5mm of Contact foam with Polyurethane backing for ultimate control, the choice of Professionals. Contact Ultra Grip contains improved shocks absorption, without sacrificing grip. High-quality, extremely soft latex foam with excellent properties that stand up to use in various weather conditions.

Available Gloves: Coming Soon

Available Sizes: 7-12

Levels: 5