Glove Levels

At Renegade GK, we value high-quality goalkeeper gloves fit for all levels of players. We offer options in a variety of sizes, cuts, and materials  - this provides you with choices fit for your specific performance needs!  Whether you value maximum grip, durability, or a bit of both, take a look at the many options we provide.


The Champion Level keeper knows where their heart is: on the pitch!  Renegade GK Gloves provide top-rate keeper gloves to champions all over the world.

Champion Level soccer gloves are produced for maximum grip and performance. This is a glove fit for professional goalkeepers, but we offer it at an affordable price suitable for all players. Our Champion Level gloves are currently offered in the Fury Series from sizes 7-11.
The Champion Level keeper treasures their equipment. They know the value of high-quality roll-cut soccer goalie gloves or well-sewn gussets on negative-cut goalkeeper gloves.
Champions understand the science behind the ball. Renegade GK’s hybrid cut goalie gloves are done in a ‘negative roll-cut’ fashion to provide an even greater level of comfort, fit, and feel. The fingers on these gloves are rolled in the same way as any roll-cut glove, but the inside of the palm is stitched like a negative glove. If you’re a fan of negative-cut gloves, this will provide you with an even better fit with more latex contact on the ball.
A champion keeper knows what they want. Renegade’s flat-cut soccer gloves provide the classic fit keepers know and love. The flat-cut features stitched gussets are on the outside of the palm versus the inside like on a negative-cut glove.


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Match-level Renegade GK Gloves are designed with the novice player in mind. Our match level roll-cut soccer gloves give players more room in the fingers and palm, which allows the keeper more freedom during play.

Renegade's Match level goalie gloves have been created to blend the grip of our Fury series and the durability of the Talon series. We created the Vulcan Series at our Match level delivering goalie gloves suitable for all goalkeepers. Match level keeper gloves offer a selection of cuts, colors, and options and will continue to deliver a variety of choices that fit your needs. Our Vulcan's are currently offered in sizes 6-11.

For keepers who are more confident in their ball-handling skills, we provide cutting-edge negative-cut goalie gloves to give them that desired ‘true-to-hand’ fit. Renegade GK’s negative-cut gloves are similar to flat-cut gloves in the sense that the backhand is connected to the palm without any gussets. If your keeper desires a combination between our most popular cuts, the match-level hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves take the best parts of our roll-cut and negative cut gloves and put them into an incredibly effective keeper glove.

Our flat-cut soccer goalie gloves provide the classic looser fit that is desirable to novice level keepers everywhere.


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Our competition level goalie gloves were designed for the keeper that has grown into their own on the pitch. Skilled keepers know that the tools they use to excel in their game are critical on the path to be a champion. Own the Revolution.

Renegade's Competition level goalkeeper gloves are perfect for goalkeepers of any level, from recreational to club players, college keepers to pro athletes. The Talon Series gloves deliver a more durable backhand material yet still provide phenomenal latex on the palms in our Hyper Grip. The Talon's are a wonderful option for young keepers especially as they will hold up better to the demands of daily training sessions and yet still deliver high-level grip during match play. Our Competition level has been offered in sizes 5-11.

Renegade GK understands keepers. Players at the competition level who prefer roll-cut goalie gloves are confident on the field. They understand the ball’s relationship with their palms ad they enjoy the contact that roll finger gloves provide.

Renegade GK’s negative cut goalkeeper gloves are built for competition-level players. We recognize that the popularity of the negative cut glove has been growing and we’ve delivered a superior glove to answer that call. If you want the best of both worlds, Renegade’s hybrid-cut soccer gloves are perfect for competition-level players. The cut is a hybridization of our negative and roll cut gloves, providing superior ball control with a more comfortable fit.

To the players at the competition level who prefer flat-cut soccer goalie gloves: we hear you. You prefer a classic glove cut with a comfort-focused fit. We’ve delivered a high-quality glove that will push your game to the next level.

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