WPSL Affiliated Youth Clubs Levels 1 & 3

Welcome to our WPSL Affiliated Youth Club sign up page. The two forms below represent your two options, each contains different levels of discounts available to your club. Level 1, the first form you come to is our basic benefit which is offered to all WPSL affiliated youth programs. To qualify you only need to sign up on this form and be affiliated with a WPSL pro team. To acquire the maximum benefits offered to WPSL affiliated youth club in our Level 3, all that's required is to upload one of our Renegade GK banners and web link on your site. This can be uploaded wherever you see fit or typically where the other partners/sponsors reside. Once this is completed you should then complete the Level 3 form below for our team to review. Once we have reviewed your site (typically 24 hours) we will update you with your approval status, codes, or next steps.