Aegis 2.0 Dark Red Camo Form-Fitting Performance Face Mask with Microbe-Guard™

Aegis 2.0 Dark Red Camo Form-Fitting Performance Face Mask with Microbe-Guard™

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  • TOGETHER WE STAND | HELP A TEACHER - All 2-Packs for the new Aegis 2.0 models contain a voucher that can be given to a teacher or school administrator for any design that’s in stock delivered to their school at no charge.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BREATHABLE MOISTURE WICKING MICROFIBER – The Aegis 2.0 is constructed of moisture-wicking microfiber polyester. This allows for easier breathing while dispersing moisture and heat away from the skin, making it comfortable for all-day wear.
  • FORM-FITTING DESIGN – The Aegis 2.0’s unique form-fitting design specifically for adults has 2 outer panels constructed of 4-way stretch fabric, providing a close comfortable fit that prevents air from entering or escaping around the edges.
  • ADJUSTABLE NOSE WIRE & EAR STRAPS – Includes a durable, adjustable nose wire that prevents slippage, air leakage, and glasses from fogging. Adjustable elastic ear-loops ensure a snug fit for adults and teens of all sizes.
  • TWO-LAYERS + INSERTABLE CARBON FILTER – The Aegis 2.0’s two microfiber layers complies with the latest CDC guidelines, while the insertable filters contain five layers including activated carbon, melt-blown cotton, and non-woven fabric; giving extra protection in high-risk environments.
  • DURABLE & WASHABLE – The Aegis 2.0 is designed to be washable and long-lasting, thus eliminating the need to frequently replace it. If you do have a problem, let us know and we’ll replace it at no charge.

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