Endo-Tek Pro Fingersaves

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Endo-Tek Pro finger & thumb saves deliver maximum flexion with unbeatable support during shot stopping. 10 Endo-Tek Pro spines can be added to any Renegade GK glove that contains our unique finger save zipper.

Why Carry Spare Fingersaves?

Though many keepers prefer non-finger save models such as our Vortex Series we do however suggest keeping a spare pair of Endo-Tek spines in your bag for the below reasons:

  • Most professional keepers enjoy adding Endo-Tek spines to their Renegade gloves during shooting drills. Let's face it, most shooting drills aren't for keepers and pose a real risk to our hands and fingers. In situations where a goalkeeper is taking numerous shots at close range, you may want to add our Endo-Tek spines into your gloves for extra protection! The pros do it, so should you!
  • We all remember the first finger injury we had as keepers and it's usually not a positive experience. If it does happen, here's what you need to know about getting through your next one with Endo-Tek finger protection in your bag. In addition to, or, instead of taping your fingers during a time of injury we find most keepers add a finger spine behind an injured finger to add support during matches and training sessions. We highly suggest using a finger spine when you've picked up a mild injury as a support mechanism to keep you on the pitch and in the net!

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