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  • The Talon Revolt was another customer creation and is the second generation of our Ignite glove. Delivering the negative cut to keepers affords a snugger fit around the fingers for maximum feeling on the ball. The Revolt is a perfect option for all goalkeepers.

Talon Revolt Goalie Gloves - Designed By Our Customers

When customers ask, we, at Renegade GK, listen . The new Talon Revolt is version 2 of our Ignite glove but in a brand new color scheme. We took all the same incredibly durable materials and changed the colors to suit what you told us you wanted. Plus you still get the same staying power and the same great feel of a negative cut glove. Again the Talon gloves are perfect for anyone from youth players up to professional level and we have the sizes to match (5-11).

Negative Cut Keeper Gloves - A True To Hand Feeling Built To Last

Keepers wear a negative cut glove because they like the added control it gives them when handling the ball. Some other negative cut gloves on the market can wear out quick.

But with our Talon Revolt gloves, we've taken the time to handpick materials designed with durability in mind.

We've swapped out the design from the Ignite and added in the features that you asked us for.

On top of that you'll find all the same features as the rest of the Talon range including High-end German latex on the palms for the utmost grip, 360° degree wrist strap for added support and a 3D ventilation system across the goalkeeper gloves to help keep your hands sweat free.

goalkeeper wearing talon revolt goalie gloves backhand
talon revolt gloves and green smoke effect

Renegade GK Talon Revolt Goalie Gloves

Talon Revolt Gloves Features

Renegade GK Talon Revolt Goalie Gloves Features

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