Vortex Salvo

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  • The roll negative hybrid cut on these gloves provides you with the perfect blend of flexibility, grip on the ball as well as comfort on the hand. Packed with features that you would expect from any Renegade glove, minus the fingersaves for that pro-level feel.

Vortex Salvo Goalkeeper Gloves - Unrelenting Stopping Power

For those playing at the highest levels of the game, you need a glove that you know will perform when you need it to. Renegade GK gloves are built to the highest level but with the Vortex range, we took this to another level. For example, we left out the fingersaves across this entire range because we know that professionals sometimes like the added control and flexibility this allows. But don't worry, you can still add them in if that's what you want.

Roll-Negative Hybrid Professional Grade Gk Gloves Built To Perform

A roll negative hybrid glove is designed to give you ultimate comfort whilst giving you incredible professional level of grip on the ball and that's exactly what the Salvo does and it does it looking incredible.

Add to that the additional level of flexibility and intuitive feeling without fingersaves and you have a glove that is built from the ground up to perform at the match level and above.

Don't be mistaken, this keeper glove is not for everyone.

Goalkeeper with Vortex Salvo Holding the Ball 2 hands
Goalkeeper Showing Backhand Side of Vortex Salvo

Vortex Salvo Goalkeeper Glove Features

Vortex Salvo Goalkeeper Gloves Features

Renegade GK's Vortex Series Goalkeeper Gloves

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