Vulcan Shockwave

  • The Vulcan Shockwave blends a roll cut and a negative cut forming what is known at Renegade GK as our Hybrid cut glove. The perfect option for keepers who like to feel the ball in their hands with the added surface area that the roll style offers on your palm. Shockwaves are a great glove for keepers looking to take charge of the ball and their competition.

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Vulcan Shockwave Goalkeeper Gloves - Take Charge of The Game

The hybrid cut on the Shockwave is our signature - a roll cut combined with a negative grip. We wanted this glove to combine the advantages of both a roll and negative cut. The two middle fingers are negative cut, designed to be tighter to the finger in order to help you get a good feel of the ball. At the same time the roll cut on the outer fingers allows higher ball-to-latex contact giving you the extra grip when it really counts. Perfect for semi professionals looking for something to help give them an edge on the game.

Hybrid Soccer Goalie Gloves - A True Feel and A Hell of a Grip

Fitted with high end German Latex on the palms we designed the Vulcan goalie gloves line to be top of its class. You won't be disappointed with the unique blend of durability and all around grip provided by this glove.

The hybrid cut not only gives you a snug fitting but also maximises the grip you'd get from a glove of this calibre.

Renegade GK also packed the Shockwave out premium features such as Endo Pro-Tek Fingersaves and a 360 degree wrist strap for added support and safety, a 180 degree thumb wrap and our 3D airmesh ventilation system to provide you with great airflow over the body of the glove. These come in a unique Yellow and Blue color pattern with Black accents.

renegade gk vulcan shockwave gloves under the net with ball
goalkeeper wearing vulcan shockwave gloves catching the ball from under

Vulcan Shockwave Gloves Features

renegade gk vulcan shockwave gloves features

A Quick Guide on Renegade GK's Vulcan Gloves Series

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