Understanding Our Glove Levels

Renegade GK gloves come in many different materials, colors, cuts, and sizes. One of the most critical aspects of performing as a goalkeeper at any level is knowing which pair of keeper gloves is right for you. With so many options available at Renegade GK we want you to know we're here to help you decide on your next pair of goalie gloves.

One of the most important aspects to consider is the type of environment you often perform in as a keeper. Are you the type of player that wants max grip or max durability, or a little bit of both. What you must know is that we will always offer our very best in each Renegade GK glove, all gloves offer high-end german latex and special features that are commonly reserved for gloves brandishing staggering price tags, not at Renegade GK. Here we feel that even at our entry-level you deserve features that improve the overall performance or experience each of our keepers has with our gloves. That's what being apart of this revolution is all about.


One of the last items to consider when purchasing a new pair of gloves with us or anywhere is what cut you're selecting. The cut of a glove, in general, describes the way the latex has been sewn together. The cut of a goalkeeper glove can either provide a keeper glove that feels tighter on your fingers or looser. Often times goalies can misinterpret a sizing issue simply by overlooking the impact a different style cut may have on your fingers and palms. This is by far one of the most critical aspects to educate yourself on before purchasing your next pair of gloves! In this video, we will take you through each of the modern-day cuts available at Renegade GK and help you discover which glove cut you prefer. 


So you can find the right glove for your needs!

Renegade GK Talon Gloves Level 2 Level 2 - Competition

These are gloves suitable for youth players learning to play the goalkeeping position or those who need extra durability. We recommend our Talon and Triton series for those keepers just entering into the world of higher end gloves since they offer plenty of performance characteristics with all the protection needed to stay safe in the net!

Competitor Price: $50 - $60

Renegade GK Vulcan Gloves Level 3 Level 3 - Match

We recommend match level gloves to those keepers who enjoy a bit more comfort in their gloves yet still need some added durability. For us, match level gloves fall in the middle of both performance and durability making them a wonderful transistional glove between the top level and entry level options within our range.

Competitor Price: $60 - $70

Renegade GK Fury Gloves Level 4Level 4 - Champion

Our champion level gloves offer a softer german latex suitable for any environment that brings a level of tackiness to the grip not matched in Level 2-3. This more performance oriented glove is an exceptional option for players and parents looking to purchase a high end game level glove without the normal costs typically seen at this level.

Competitor Price: $75 - $85

Renegade GK Eclipse Gloves Level 5Level 5 - Professional

Let's face it, this level is what dreams are made of for goalkeepers! Hands down, and we've checked, you will not find a better glove on the market at this price point. This is the daily choice of all our pro players and brings a tacky grip unparalleled with any brand. This glove is the pinnacle... for now!

Competitor Price: $100 - $125

Competitor Price Reference (CP)

This is the average price of our glove levels if you purchased the same type of glove through a larger name brand.

We have found that it helps set proper expectations for our new customers around the life span and care required to get the most our of your new RGK gloves.

The point isn't to prove how great RGK is, instead we want to help customers understand that high level gloves, with high-end materials do require some extra TLC. Following proper WEAR and CARE guidelines will likely add months to your gloves' life span and ensure you're always performing at your best!

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