Renegade GK the official glove of the WPSL and NPSL

We are proud to announce that Renegade GK is now the official goalkeeper glove of the NPSL and WPSL,
which are two of the largest soccer leagues in the U.S. consisting of a combined 200+ teams across the nation.
We're thrilled to be partnering with such outstanding organizations that reflect our core values,
commitment to excellence and promotion of soccer at both the national and local levels.


Eclipse Series Cover
Rogue Series Cover
Fury Series Cover
Vortex Series Cover
Vulcan Series Cover
Talon Series Cover
Triton Series Cover
Glove Accessories Cover


Renegade GK Inspires


We believe that everyone has a responsibility to help inspire players both young and old alike. It’s not just the good for the player, it’s good for the game.

Renegade GK Educates


We believe our role is to impact the next generation of goalkeepers by not only sharing our knowledge, that of others through our own continual learning.

Renegade GK Innovates


We believe that innovation comes in many forms. Yes, we are always looking for ways to improve glove performance and comfort, but why stop there?

Renegade GK Cares


We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers and the service that we provide. It’s one of the many things that separates us from everyone else.



Renegade GK Eclipse Ambush Gloves
Renegade GK Rogue Slash Gloves
Renegade GK Fury Inferno Gloves
Renegade GK Vortex Shadow Gloves
Renegade GK Vulcan Trident Gloves
Renegade GK Triton Raider Gloves
Renegade GK Talon Cryo Gloves


Attentive Customer Service,
Great Gloves

Our glove order apparently got side-tracked and was over two weeks late. I let the company know. Next day I got an Amazon notice that my order might be lost. The next day the gloves arrived Priority Mail. All's well. My son is a high school keeper. 6"3", normal sized hands, gloves fit great. They'll be in use today. Had recently purchased a less expensive pair of gloves from another company. Four games and they have begun to tear at the cuff-glove seam. My son is happy to get these new ones from RGK. 


Worth Every Penny

These gloves are great. I play goalkeeper in a men's league and coach at the local high school. I have played soccer for over 30 years and I hope to continue for a while longer. The quality of the grip surface is great, excellent traction on the ball. The padding in the gloves provides an adequate cushion against hard shots, minimal sting. The gloves have excellent dexterity and are very comfortable.


Quality gloves

I really like the Renegade brand gloves. They hold up so much better than any other brand that I've tried. They are definitely match quality and offer great protection. The roll cut-hybrid is nice. A good compromise between flat and roll cuts.

- j. kovatch

Best value for your dollar

I've played soccer since youth rec league to currently a men's over 30+ league, and I really love these gloves! I have the Fury flat gecko, and the Talon roll cut. I get absolutely demolished in the cage with my team's weak back line.. anyway these gloves are up to the task. These gloves are fantastic, the material on both gloves is superb. The customer service is great. I called the company and they answered all of the questions I had about the style and fit. There is also videos available online describing the differences between the gloves in the series. I love both of these gloves and wouldn't mind trying out each one in the series for the subtle differences they have to offer. Great $$$ per save.


Great company

This company is outstanding. Customer service is great. I have played with the Fury Siege as well as the Sub zero the grips are great the feel is amazing. The durability in the sub zero is great. I play often in a very competitive setting. I am now a life long customer

- casey mcclusky

I love them!!

First, I used this gloves on match right out of the box the same day I got them and it was like I've been using them my whole live. The fit around the fingers is amazing, the spines/fingersaves worked perfectly (believe me, I've tested them extensively in the first few matches), but are so comfortable that I forgot that were there.


My son loves these gloves!

I thought we'd buy these gloves as an emergency stop-gap until I can buy him a higher quality glove. As it turns out, this is a high quality glove and he loves them. When I asked for his thoughts about the gloves and about buying something else, he wasn't too keen on using anything different. It seems Renegade has won the loyalty of this GK. As far as credentials: my son plays GK for a travel club team in NCSL (2005, 14U). This year he started playing for his middle school team, which is very competitive in Mid-Penn, class 6A. He trains with two semi-pro trainers. He works hard, and he loves these gloves. My son loves the Renegades and our experience is that these are at least as durable as the $140 gloves, if not, slightly more so.


Great gloves.
Even greater service!

I was so impressed with the level of service I received, the gloves overall fit perfectly, and are extremely well designed. They are not too bulky, and the grip is phenomenal. Sure, you can spend around $200 on another brand, and pay for a fancy logo, but Renegade gloves are my pick, and will be my son's pick as well, for great keeper gloves!


These are exactly what I
was looking for!

Winding down my 'career', and I'm always on the lookout for good, affordable gloves. I couldn't be happier with these. They have all the features of expensive, big-name gloves. Most importantly for me, the grip and cushioning are excellent. If you're dropping balls with these gloves, the problem is likely technique. Fit is on the snug side, but not tight. For me, good results in wet and dry weather. I can't speak to longevity, but at these prices, I'm not concerned. (Wash gently & air dry, and most gloves will last a good while.) These are the best combination of quality and value I've found.


GREAT customer service!

First, I have to say, we did have to return the above gloves for a different style. My son, (age 12) wore these gloves for a year and LOVED them, so I ordered him a new pair. Unfortunatley, they were too small. The company immediately recommended a replacement (as these were out of stock in the larger size), and mailed them out priority. We received the new gloves, the renegade fury inferno within 2 days. He wore them for the first time tonight, and WOW. His grip was amazing and the saves were spectacular. People always comments that he has the 'stickiest hands' they have ever seen on a goalie. His catches are so solid. I know the secret though- Renegade gloves!

- stacy

Wish I knew about these
gloves before

I've been keeping for 30 years +. These glove are up there with the $150.00 price-point gloves. You can tell when you put these on that they are made from quality. You know as a keeper when you put on a cheap glove as well. These are not cheap. I'm used to wearing Sells gloves but I will tell you that these are better than the mid level sells gloves that sell well over the $100 price point. Renegades are going to be my new gloves going forward. Their CS is awesome as well.

-charles david


After about two weeks of every day on artificial turf the palm started to wear off, after contacting renegade GK about the problem i had gotten a call from Tyler, one of the founders of the company and he had told me that they could replace them, the gloves work amazing in the conditions I play in. Amazing customer service, and I recommend these gloves to anyone that is playing for fun of doing this all day long