• "Five Stars - Better than the big brands"

    "My daughter loved the gloves. She said they felt better than other more prominent brands she had used before.  Unfortunately, they were stolen, along with her other gear.  Renegade GK was AWESOME. They quickly sent a free replacement pair for her next game.  I definitely recommend Renegade!!"

    - Diana G. (Dec 2017)

    Vulcan Torch

  • "The gloves are very well made with high quality materials ..."

    "The gloves are very well made with high quality materials.  My son really likes the grip over his other gloves."

    - BJ N. (Nov 2017)

    Talon Cyclone

  • "By far the best pair of gloves I've owned"

    "By far the best pair of gloves I've owned.  They just feel safe and secure.  5 stars for sure."

    - Jose P. (Nov 2017)

  • "Amazing gloves!"

    "Awesome gloves!  Great quality and good fit!  My son LOVES them!  We will be getting more in the future!!!"

    - Paul S. (Oct 2017)

    Talon Gloves

  • "Love the gloves"

    "Love the gloves.  They have a different feel than other gloves, in a better way.  The grip is great.  You have great ball control."

    - Rachael P. (Oct 2017)

    Fury Sub-Z

  • "Good gloves! Pleasantly surprised."

    "We used these gloves for State Cup 2 weeks ago after my daughters previous gloves disintegrated.  After reading the reviews, we decided to give them a try.  They are well worth it.  Very pleased!"

    - John S (Dec 2017)

    Fury UV

  • "The ultimate game and match glove!"

    "The ultimate training gloves for me!!!  Very minimum tears and still has it's amazing grip.  After so many weeks of hard intense training and games in all weather conditions.  Would recommend to anyone!!"

    - Libni (Nov 2013)

    Fury Volt

  • "Like, I Do"

    "I have played with these gloves for about 5 matches now.  I play indoors, on turf, in a very competitive men's league, and they have held up very well.  The grip is fantastic and I love the feel inside the glove.  It makes me much more confident coming out, or catching a hard outside shot, because I can really feel the ball."

    - Joe (Nov 2017)

    Vulcan Shockwave

  • "Great Gloves!!"

    "I bought these for my son and he used them for the first time today.  His comment, "These are the best gloves I've ever had".  The gloves are very well built, super comfortable, and have a great grip.  These will now be his "go to" gloves!"

    - Todd R. (Oct 2017)

    Vulcan Abyss

Renegade GK Keepers In Action