Training In Isolation: Wasn't that always the GK way?

Training In Isolation: Wasn't that always the GK way?


During these challenging times, we've all had to find alternative ways to not only communicate with each other, but also to creatively try to find new ways to do the old things we loved pre-Covid 19.  Indeed these have been, and will likely continue to be, some of the most challenging times of our lives to date. We just want you to know we will all get through this, we will endure, and we can only hope that we will all be better off in the long run from the things we learn throughout this time. 

So let's get down to business. You're now hanging out at home, fields are closed, and wondering how you maintain all that hard work and high level of GK brilliance that you had mere weeks ago. Here's the good news, with minimal equipment and minimal space you can in fact keep your edge during social distancing. Don't forget, goalkeepers were built for isolation, we thrive in it. We are no stranger to performing on what seems like an island, of one mentality. 

We have curated the below workouts from all of the content floating around the web these days, we've included some incredible exercises that blend both ball work and fitness. Just do us a favor, please don't break your families fine china and send us the bill. Remember, remain safe with any of these workouts, take extra precautions when training in confined spaces, and always ensure you warm-up properly. Now get after it!

2 WAYS TO STAY IN IT: From The Couch

Social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak doesn't mean you have to lose touch with being an athlete.


PRACTICE CANCELED? Here's what's next!

As a goalkeeper, it may be tough over the next few weeks to find space to work through a shooting session or practice your diving technique. These challenges, however, give us opportunities to focus on the simple side of the game, time with a ball at our feet.

The challenges for all levels of players in even the most normal times come from their lack of time of the ball. It is the special relationship a player must have on the ball even as a goalkeeper. The foundation of our game is built around the ball.

Isolation Training GK Style

With practices being canceled all across the globe, this is a great time for players to maintain their fitness and conditioning as well as their foot skills. These will also be unique times that players can separate themselves by doing what it takes to improve when it would be much easier to veg out on the couch.
In an effort to support each player through this time (and the parents in quarantine with them), we wanted to share some wonderful individual skills that require one player, and little to no additional equipment beyond a ball.

Originally distributed by United Soccer Coaches Association & produced by Los Gatos United:

Ball Mastery For Goalies

Dribbling At Home


Goalkeeper Specific Exercises
With any exercise, please ensure you're properly warmed up before attempting. Renegade GK are not liable for any injuries that occur during training following these publicly available exercises. Stay safe, stay smart, listen to your body.

GK Training Plan At Home

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