Congratulations, you're now a part of a club unlike any other!

As a Renegade VIP member, you're entitled to all our revolutionary benefits. Make them work for you and explore the world of high-end goalkeeper gloves Renegade-style.

From private offerings to Members' only perks - we have you covered. Read more details on your benefits below.

1. Your Quarterly Discount Delivery 

Playing is believing and believe it or not, being our VIP means you’ll get access to gloves and other swag before anyone else so you can play more. Your Quarterly Discount Delivery will make sure your goalkeeper journey never stops, and this is how it works:

Each quarter we send you an email update with new products, products no one else even knows about yet, and a way to get them at a steep discount. Just remember - you're not obligated to purchase anything but our hope is that through a deep VIP discount you can gain early access before anyone else. We also hope that you will become a purveyor of fine gloves through constant access to our RGK locker of products. Keep an eye on the Quarterly Discount Delivery in your inbox.   

With our NEW Limited Release line of gloves, the Rogue series, or future Renegade gloves knowing early may just be the key to reserving a pair. Through our quarterly discount emails we guarantee that you'll be ready to grab what you need, when you need it, at a discount just for being, well a VIP. With new products on the horizon each quarter other than just our world-class gloves, there will always be something new to pick from. If you’re not sure where to head next, just check our vast collection of reviews and comments - trust your fellow goalkeeper, not flashy articles. Then, when you’re done aficionadoing, share your thoughts and be part of a process we call “The Revolution”. Combining the vast experience of our VIP members with the honest opinions of other goalkeepers, you’ll be able to pinpoint the next tool for your trade with surgical precision. 

2. Make your 18 Impenetrable 

Having unlimited access to our ever growing selection of goalkeeper gloves means you can really add the exact pair for your specific needs to your bag. Stocking up on cold weather gloves, turf or hard ground, gloves that perform in rain conditions, or gloves that have more stick than duck tape are all options. As a VIP you'll have central access to the differences, benefits, and pros & cons of each. 

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3. Enter The Locker 

That sold-out-everywhere Rogue glove? Or the not yet released new RGK soccer ball or performance wear? This is exactly the kind of cherry on top you can come to expect occasionally from us here at Team Renegade, when we open our Locker. Every quarter as we release new products, you'll be the first to know what we have in store for that quarter's Locker. 

4. Get your hands on private OFFERINGS 

RGK private offerings are super exclusive gloves where we seek early feedback on to determine new selections of products we may consider rolling out in the coming months. They come in extremely limited editions, and are available exclusively to a you, our VIP Members. In other words: you can't get them anywhere else and you'll only know about them directly through us. With limited numbers available we keep them in house and offer them to our VIP's only!

Don't worry, you're not going to miss them, we'll let you know when the next offering becomes available.

Some of them are: the badass Eclipse series; the new Rogue series designs (a result of massive crowdsourcing); the gorgeous Fury series (a powerhouse); the phenomenal new Stealth apparel series; and extremely limited batches of training gear for testing. 

5. The shipping is always free 

When you get any gear from us as a part of our VIP program, you don't have to worry about shipping fees. We got that covered. We'll also cover the delivery of any additional items you might purchase in the continental US. Why should you bother with shipping if you're not a sailor, right?

6. Stay updated 

Your benefits are already worth over $100 per quarter - and that's not counting the exclusive access you're getting - but we'll keep surprising you. There's something new waiting for you at RGK every day, so keep coming back for the latest offers and news. We’ll also (not-too) regularly email you with our most exciting updates that you absolutely *must* know about.

Oh, and definitely do socialize with us online and share your big #renegadegk saves - you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. If you have any questions, you can reach out anytime at We want to hear from you and will keep working hard on making this club your go-to source for goalkeeping exploration. 

Also, if you hate reading, check our YouTube channel, where all kinds of video shenenigans dwell (and by shenanigans, we mean educating and fun vids).

One thing’s for sure: The world of goalkeeping as you know it is going to change forever. It's great to have you on board, let the journey begin!