How To Cycle Your Goalie Gloves And Save Money

How To Cycle Your Goalie Gloves And Save Money

Glove Cycling Saves Money

We always suggest to parents and players the concept of glove cycling which will ensure you have the best quality, newest, tackiest gloves possible for matches while always having an older pair for training. 

The cycle begins with two pairs of similar RGK gloves. We always advise customers to work within their budgets when selecting multiple pairs of gloves. It is not necessary to purchase two higher-priced gloves just to ensure you are always wearing the same styles. However, at a minimum, we suggest you always wear the same cut in gloves if you're choosing between different series of RGK gloves within your budget. 

You use one pair exclusively for your match play. You use the second pair exclusively for training. Your match pair of gloves should take less wear and tear if only used during games while your training pair will take the continual repetitions we face during training. Your training pair will wear much faster but that's ok, they're your training gloves and you'll be facing many more shots, more dives, and more contact with your environment during training. That's just the challenge we face as keepers.

When your game pair of gloves appears to be losing some of that tackiness or you are simply ready to replace your game gloves your cycle begins. You purchase a new pair of RGK gloves for games only, take your old pair of game gloves which if exclusively used for matches will still have plenty of life left in them, they now become your training gloves and will bear the brunt of training.

If you abide by the glove cycling method you will end up purchasing fewer gloves, less frequently. Instead of wearing gloves quicker and having to buy twice as many, you afford yourself the opportunity to always have the best game gloves possible and only ever need to purchase one pair of gloves at a time. No matter whether you buy on a special, or as your budget allows, glove cycling is the smart way to purchase your favorite goalkeeper gloves while always remaining at the peak of your game in the net!

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