Endo Pro-Tek Fingersaves

Endo Pro-Tek Fingersaves

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Endo-Tek Pro finger & thumb saves deliver maximum flexion with unbeatable support during shot-stopping. 10 Endo Pro-Tek spines can be added to any Renegade GK glove that contains our unique finger save zipper.

Easy To Install

Our Endo-Tek spines come in a 10 pack ready to fit any glove from size 4-12. Install is as easy as matching the spines on our provided card to your glove size. Next, with the supervision of an adult carefully cut the spines to match the size needed for each finger. We would suggest very carefully flexing the fingersave spines so that they are easy to cut. You should never try to cut through the thick black plastic spines, only cut through the super adhesive backing that holds the spines together, provides their stability, and flexibility during play.

Why Carry Spare Fingersaves?

Though many keepers prefer non-finger save models such as our Vortex Series we do however suggest keeping a spare pair of Endo-Tek spines in your bag for the below reasons:

  • Most professional keepers enjoy adding Endo Pro-Tek spines to their Renegade gloves during shooting drills. Let's face it, most shooting drills aren't for keepers and pose a real risk to our hands and fingers. In situations where a goalkeeper is taking numerous shots at close range, you may want to add our Endo-Tek spines into your gloves for extra protection! The pros do it, so should you!
  • We all remember the first finger injury we had as keepers and it's usually not a positive experience. If it does happen, here's what you need to know about getting through your next one with Endo-Tek finger protection in your bag. In addition to, or, instead of taping your fingers during a time of injury we find most keepers add a finger spine behind an injured finger to add support during matches and training sessions. We highly suggest using a finger spine when you've picked up a mild injury as a support mechanism to keep you on the pitch and in the net!

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