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  • Does Not Include Fingersaves. Fingersaves can be added.

    All Weather - All Weather gloves can be played in most weather conditions.
    Ventilation - To improve breathability and keep your hands cool, dry, and playing their best, all Renegade GK gloves come with different types of ventilation technology to ensure you your gloves perform during any condition.
    RGK Forge © - Our Forge© Technology is specifically designed with internal memory foam that allows addtional padding throughout the backhand. This memory foam technology creates a unique molded fit individual to each hand for premier comfort and cushioning.

    Renegade GK Gloves Level - Level 5 Professional

    Negative Cut -Provides a tighter, more snug fit since the stitching is on the inside of the glove
    German EXT Grip 3.5+3MM Palm (Black)
    4MM Breathaprene Backhand & Body
    Sublimated backhand
    360° Elastic Strap for Maximum Support
    Pre-arched palm
    Extended Palm Puller

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