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  • The Fury Inferno is the signature product in our range. Featuring the distinct and unmistakeable Renegade red and black color way. Put the heat on the opponent strikers with this grippy roll cut, champion level glove.

Fury Inferno Goalkeeper Gloves - The Signature Glove for Renegades

This is THE signature glove in the entire Renegade lineup. If you want to show the opposition strikers that you mean business then this is the glove for you. Feel the stickiness of the roll grip cut German GIga Grip Latex on the palm along with additional professional level features such as the 180 thumb grip. Add to that the 3D ventilation across the glove to ensure you won't suffer from sweaty hands and the protek fingersaves to give you that confident feeling that you won't suffer an injury and you're set.

Roll Cut GK Gloves Designed for Renegades

Any Renegade goalkeeper glove will ensure that you have unrivaled durability, build quality and comfort but this glove comes with something different.

We wanted to give our fans a chance to show their loyalty to the renegade life by giving you that classic Red & Black color scheme.

This is a glove that will be guaranteed to get the job done and look incredible at the same time. You won't be able to perform at anything except your best when you're wearing these gloves and that's just the Renegade GK way.

Goalkeeper using Fury Inferno holding the ball with hands
Goalkeeper wearing Fury Inferno with balled fists


Fury Inferno Goalkeeper Glove Features

Renegade GK Fury Inferno Gloves Features

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