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  • The Fury Nightfall offers a roll cut GK glove with German giga grip on the palms for maximum grip. Our Fury’s offer plenty of ventilation no matter the glove cut through a composite 3D Airmesh body. This blend of both top-level performance and functionality make this pro-level glove a must have. The Nightfall is a suitable soccer glove for keepers playing at the club level and up.


At Renegade GK we design gloves with the top-level goalie in mind. No matter the series we strive to deliver a glove suitable for the demands of the goalkeeper position. No matter whether you're playing at the club level or above, you need a glove that gives you a feeling of extra security when it comes to handling the ball. From the cut to the grip, everything about this glove is designed to give you that extra edge over your opponents even at the highest level.


Handpicked Premium Featured GK Gloves - Giving You The Unfair Advantage

We've packed these goalie gloves with all of our best features.

The roll finger cut provides you with the best and most consistent grip across the palm combined with our German giga grip to help you get the job done when it really counts.

You'll find excellent ventilation across our entire Fury gloves range provided by a 3D airmesh body to ensure that the only people with sweaty palms will be your opponents.

Renegade GK Fury Nightfall Gloves and Ball
Renegade GK Fury Nightfall Gloves Fist

Renegade GK Fury Nightfall Gloves

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