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  • Packed from fingertip to wrist wrap with the features you would expect from any glove in our champion range. The Fury Siege is a glove that will not disappoint anyone looking to perform at the highest level in soccer.

Fury Siege Soccer Goalie Gloves - Show Them You Mean Business

Here at Renegade GK, we don't shy away from giving you bold, bright colors to help you stand out from the boring gloves you'll find anywhere else. That's why we gave this glove a vibrant orange palm using 3.5mm of German Giga Grip Latex. On the backhand you'll find a combination of orange and blue to really make them POP! Of course we took all the technology we have and stuffed it into this glove to give you the best bang for you buck compared to anybody else.

Roll Hybrid cut Soccer Gloves With No Expense Spared

A hybrid roll cut palm. Bold colors across the glove. Packed to the rafters with features. What more could you ask for from any glove? We don't mess around here at Renegade and we want all of our customers to perform at their highest level without worrying if their glove will perform.

Thats why we pack everything we have into each and every pair of our gloves. 3D airmesh across the body means no sweat. The highest quality latex we could lay our hands on across the palm.

Endo Protek Fingersaves built into the keeper gloves to put the worry of injury firmly out of your mind. All this means you can COMMIT to being the best keeper you can be and that's all that we ask.

goalkeeper wearing fury siege holding ball with 2 hands
goalkeeper wearing fury siege standing with ball on side arms


Fury Siege Goalkeeper Glove Features

Renegade GK fury siege gloves features

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