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  • The Fury Volt pulls out all the stops and has been designed to afford goalkeepers the very best in a Flat Gecko cut style glove. Flexibility, ventilation, and a plethora of high end materials makes this glove perfect for youth to adults, males and females.

Fury Volt Goalkeeper Gloves - An Innovative Professional Glove Design For Everyone

Designed for those love the feel of a classic flat cut combined with innovative features to give you the edge on your game. This is Renegade GK's professional level glove with a cut that is perfect for everyone no matter where you play.

An Innovative Design On A Classic Flat Goalkeeper Glove Cut - Taking Your Game To The Next Level

We've taken the all the features of the classic and much-loved flat gecko cut and taken it to the next level by embossing the high end German Giga Grip Latex on the palm with our Gecko grip pattern.

Perfect if you prefer the looser feel of a flat cut but still need the extra grip provided by our soccer gloves. You'll also find German latex on the backhand to round off these truly excellent soccer goalie gloves.

Don't forget that our Fury goalie gloves line all come with a 3D airmesh ventilation system to help keep your hands feeling fresh all game.

Renegade GK Fury Volt Goalkeeper Gloves On the Net
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Fury Volt Gloves Features

Renegade GK Fury Volt Goalie Gloves Features

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