Talon Cryo (SHIPS OCTOBER 16)

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    The Talon Cryo delivers a negative cut glove blending both durability and grip at our competition level. We’ve included materials that are fit for any environment and excel in all situations. From recreational players to pros, the Cryo is a suitable option for all keepers.

Talon Cryo Soccer Gloves - A Negative Cut Delivering A Deep Freeze

Our Talon Series has been designed to offer improved durability while delivering the performance features of a high end game glove. The new Talon Cryo glove is our newest members of this popular series and has been hand-picked by our staff with materials that will stand up to the challenges of the gk position. With our widest range of sizes (5-11), this makes these gloves perfect for anyone who prefers a negative cut and a tighter fitting glove with a more true-to-hand feel on the ball. If you prefer a white palms with a strong design full of bruising colors, check out our Talon Cryo gloves.

Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves -
A Glove That Gives You Total Control Of The Ball

Looking for a negative cut goalkeeper glove, but not wanting to spend too much for training gloves? You've landed on your dream glove then. We've designed our Talon Cryo gloves to give you all the highlights of a negative cut glove combined with the durability you need in a training environment or for those who refularly play on turf pitches. We chose materials in the Talon range that tend to last longer than higher end softer latex types yet avoid cheap, hard latex types generally found at this level of glove.

Bottom line is this, we've designed a glove that give you the best we can at this level. We spare no expense on protective features, performance elements that make this glove a cadillac option that can take a beating. A few pro-level features in our proprietary designs are our 3D ventilation system, Endo Pro-Tek removable finger saves, and our high-end German latex designed with memory foam to mold to your hands.

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