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  • The Talon Mirage features a box cut with ultimate ventilation, a sturdy backhand, and our Hyper grip constructed of German latex that gives you total control. With a 360° wrist strap for extra support the Mirage is the primary selection of all youth keepers and adults looking for a durable glove with great grip.

Talon Mirage Goalkeeper Gloves - A Flat Cut With Unparalleled Ventilation

We also know you need a goalkeeper glove that will last so we're offering it to you here with our durable Talon range. This glove is perfectly suited to both youth and adult keepers who love wearing a flat cut glove and we've got them in our fullest range of sizes (5-11).

Flat Cut Soccer Gloves - Taking a Classic Cut Up a Notch

Some of our keepers prefer to wear a more traditional cut, such as the flat cut on this Talon Mirage.

Across all the Talon soccer gloves series, we've designed the materials to take a real beating so you know they'll last whatever you put them through.

Renegade GK knows you hate it when your palms get sweaty mid-game, so for this glove we've added maximum ventilation down each of the fingers.

Add to that our high-end German latex on the palms, 360 degree wrist strap as well as the 3D ventilation system across the glove and you'll see we've really taken it up a notch with this classic style GK glove.

Renegade GK Talon Mirage Goalkeeper Gloves On the Net
Renegade GK Talon Mirage Keeper Gloves Diving to Catch the Ball

Renegade GK Talon Mirage Goalie Gloves

Talon Mirage Gloves Features

Renegade GK Talon Mirage Goalie Gloves Features

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