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  • The Triton Specter is a roll cut glove that takes all the best features from our Talon range and adds in our brand new German Dura Grip on the palms, finished with a brand new design. A great option for players at all levels of their game.

Triton Specter Goalie Gloves - Durability turned up to 11

We've taken all the best features of our Talon range and redesigned them to create our brand new Triton range. With German Dura Grip on the palms, this takes these roll finger gloves to the next level and make them a perfect fit for all keepers playing on all levels of the game from professional to high school level. These gloves are available in sizes 5 to 11.

The Most Durable Roll Cut Goalkeeper Gloves We've Ever Made.

Renegade GK customers love the premium features that we pack into every single pair of gloves we stock but we've taken it to a new level with the Triton range.

We took everything we loved about the Talon range and used it to create this new range. 3D Airmesh across the body, Pro Tek Fingersaves as well as 180 degree thumb wraps.

Alongside our freshly designed pattern and color scheme, the biggest difference you'll notice is the German Dura Grip on the palms which make these keeper gloves perfect for those who play on hard ground or astro-turf pitches at all levels.

girl goalie using triton specter catching the ball from above
renegade gk triton specter close up

Renegade GK Triton Specter Goalie Gloves

Triton Specter Glove Features

renegade gk triton specter features

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