Vortex Shadow

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  • The Shadow brings all that the Vortex series represents. A dark glove, fit for any battle, every day, of every week! Goalkeepers will love this dark color scheme and feel top notch with these gloves on their palms. In this new Vortex glove we continue to give you the choice to add fingersaves if you desire or play without them for a higher level feel. With Hyper grip palms, you'll be more than prepared to succeed in any environment, on any surface, at any level.

Vortex Shadow Keeper Gloves - Strike In The Dark

For goalkeepers playing at our match level: youth sports to collegiate, we think you've arrived at the next glove of your choice. This goalkeeper glove makes no excuses and seeks no applause. If you've selected the Shadow, you are the type of goalkeeper who requires no flash in your game, no boisterous attitude, just pure unrelenting hard work. The Vortex Shadow goalie glove delivers pure power to the hands of those seeking to defy the attacker. Every. Single. Time.

Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves Delivering Big Saves That Define Results

With the Vortex range we sought to create a line of gloves that any player would be proud to wear. We think we've done just that with the newest member of the Vortex series the Shadow. Sporting a dark, murky color scheme with the same high-end features you'd expect from all Renegade GK Gloves.

A 3D Airmesh body gives the Shadow top notch ventilation across the glove as well as a 180 degree thumb wrap for extra stability and contact on the ball. Complete with 3.5mm of German Hyper Grip on your palms to give you more tackiness then should be allowed during regulation play. Do work in the shadows.

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