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  • Kick up a storm with the darkest glove in the Vortex range. Fully roll cut combined with 3.5mm of German Hyper Grip on the palm to give you the ultimate grip on the ball. Perfect for that upcoming big game.

Vortex Storm Soccer Goalie Gloves - Become Unbeatable

The Vortex Storm is not your standard roll cut glove. No Renegade GK glove will disappoint, but if you are a true professional playing at the highest levels then you won't be disappointed. We've packed in a full set of top level features to this glove. However, for those who like to feel everything that comes at them, we left out the fingersaves on this range with the ability to add them after the fact. Of course we finished it off with a truly epic design.

Roll Cut Goalie Gloves Built For Players Performing at the Highest Levels

With a moody purple and electric blue color way these GK gloves are sure to look amazing and give you the confidence to perform at the highest level of your game.

When you're playing against great strikers you need something that you will give you every advantage possible and that's exactly what the storm does.

We combine the roll finger cut on the palm with a German Hyper Grip Latex to give you the ultimate "stick to your hands" feeling.

Goalkeeper wearing Vortex Storm holding the Ball with 1 hand
Goalkeeper wearing Vortex Storm gloves with balled fists


Vortex Storm Goalkeeper Glove Features

Vortex Storm Goalkeeper Gloves Features

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