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  • The Vortex Wraith is a monster of a glove. We make sure that every glove we provide our customers is at the pinnacle of goalkeeping excellence and this glove is no different. These gloves feature a roll hybrid cut on the palm offering excellent handling and grip on the ball as well as fitting your hand like a dream.

Vortex Wraith Goalie Gloves - A frighteningly impressive hybrid cut

If you're playing at the match level or above, the vortex range is designed for you. Firstly, you get a roll hybrid cut on the palm to give you the control, comfort and grip you'd expect from a top level goalie glove. Then we took out the fingersaves with the option to add them back in if you prefer. This is to improve the overall feel and flexibility of the glove to a professional level give you that true feel on the ball.

Professional level Soccer Gloves with a Hybrid Roll Cut For Ultimate Stopping Power

All across the Vortex range you'll find an unparalleled combination of value, performance and durability.

With the Wraith we wanted to create something that would give players the professional feeling they would expect from Renegade GK gloves. Epic design combined with professional features.

Complete with 3D airmesh across the body to allow excellent ventilation, additional thumb grip and German Hyper Grip Latex on the palms.

Goalkeeper wearing Vortex Wraith Standing with Ball in Hand
Goalkeeper holding ball with 2 hands using Vortex Wraith


Vortex Wraith Goalkeeper Glove Features

Vortex Wraith Goalkeeper Gloves Features

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