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  • The Vulcan Abyss blends the durability of the Talon gloves with the grip of a Fury. Featuring 3+3MM Hyper Grip makes this glove a perfect choice for rain or shine - turf or grass. A proven choice for youth players and adults on soccer fields around the world.

Vulcan Abyss Soccer Goalie Gloves - The Best of Both Worlds

No matter where you use this glove you won't be disappointed. We designed all the gloves in this range to combine the unparalleled grip of our Fury series with the robust durability of the Talon series. So come rain or shine, on grass or turf this glove is built to perform for you.

Roll Cut Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves - Sticky Grip and a Glove You Can Rely On

Renegade GK fitted all the gloves in our Vulcan soccer glove range with high end German latex, resulting to improved durability.

If you need a glove that provides all the benefits of a roll cut glove and allows you to really get your hand on the ball whatever the conditions you're facing then this is the one for you.

We added in all of our other features in such as the 360 degree wrist strap for added support and our composite 3D airmesh body for ventilation. Add that to the Endo Pro-Tek Fingersaves, the pre-arched palm and the 180 degree thumb wrap and you're ready to go!

We always put our best in every goalkeeper gloves we make.

Renegade GK Vulcan Abyss Keeper Gloves Boy Catching the Ball
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Vulcan Abyss Gloves Features

Renegade GK Vulcan Abyss Goalie Gloves Features

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