Gloves Made by Keepers, For Keepers: The Renegade GK Way

Gloves Made by Keepers, For Keepers: The Renegade GK Way

Renegade GK and the NPSL share common goals, growing the game, innovating, and raising the bar to name just a few, and that is why the two entered into a strategic partnership earlier this year. Having common values and a common direction makes for a strong partnership.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with such an outstanding organization that reflect our core values, commitment to excellence, and promotion of soccer at both the national and local levels,” Renegade GK President & Co-Founder Tyler Vaughan said.

Renegade GK has proven that they are not just another goalkeeping glove company. They do things differently.

“Renegade GK’s North Carolina-based team designs gloves to fit all players budgets and needs,” Vaughan said. “With a variety of glove levels, materials, colors, and designs we seek to be one of the most inclusive glove brands players have access too. A truly unique characteristic of our design process is that each glove is selected by a panel of goalkeepers, parents, and coaches. We firmly believe that our customers should decide the gloves we produce and routinely conduct surveys to determine glove designs, colors, and even the type of materials that resonate with goalkeepers at each level.”

All of this innovation started with the passion and expertise of their two founders, Vaughn and Ryan Munn.

Vaughan has been a player and coach for a combined 20 years. Playing collegiate soccer at Pfeiffer University as a goalkeeper gave him the base knowledge that led to the foundation of what makes Renegade’s gloves so unique. Gloves made by keepers, for keepers. It is their team’s dedication to the craft of goalkeeping that delivers gloves fit for both performance and durability, pros and weekend warriors.

“I have been so fortunate to work with many young players over the past decade plus,” Vaughan added. “However, I have seen the struggles families go through simply to put gear on their kids. We knew that there had to be a way to solve the age-old dilemma around the price goalkeeper gloves were costing players. We simply felt that all players should have access to pro level gloves without breaking the bank.”

Vaughan remains active in the youth soccer scene, someone who is actively sharing his knowledge and experience with young players.

“As an active Director of Goalkeeping in North Carolina, I teach goalkeepers to be the complete package,” Vaughan commented. “A successful keeper must be equally as proficient with their hands during shot stopping as their feet during distribution. A keeper should serve as the 11th player on the pitch creating an advantage during the transition to attack. The role of a goalkeeper tends to be extremely challenging due to the down time in between saves. Goalkeepers must remain focused and engaged during the run of play making this role such a challenge for young players.”

Munn has a background in textile engineering and worked for well over a decade previously as a director for Abbott Labs in the medical sales field. His diverse expertise and deep knowledge of textiles provides the structure to glove designs that are not only functional but equally as high-performing.

“Ryan and I had a long discussion before this all started about how expensive goalkeeper gloves were no matter the level of player,” Vaughan said. “Not only do I remember how much money went into my gloves during my playing years I knew that it had only gotten worse for players in today’s market. We knew that with our backgrounds, knowledge of the goalkeeping position, and drive to raise the bar for keepers we would be positioned to truly make a difference in the game.”

But it’s about more than just great gloves. Renegade GK is deeply committed to the players they serve.

“We wanted to be able to provide benefits to NPSL keepers that most brands would never consider,” Vaughan continued. “We firmly believe that NPSL goalkeepers are the future of goalkeeping in the U.S. and feel they should be well taken care of. It is our pleasure to take part in their individual journeys this season and hope that they will consider Renegade GK all year round.”

Their commitment goes beyond just NPSL goalkeepers and into communities across the U.S.

“Another equally critical role that we hope to accomplish this year through the NPSL are in the communities that support their teams,” Vaughan added. “By delivering discounts to affiliated clubs, coaches, and players we seek to connect with these communities through their NPSL teams.”

The NPSL gives Renegade GK access to 90+ markets across the country.

“We value and support the role NPSL plays in local communities to grow the game of soccer at all levels,” Vaughan concluded. “It is exciting to see the NPSL connecting with youth players through the league by setting standards on and off the field. We think the cycle of soccer directly passes through the league. Many NPSL players will become the next generation of coaches, while the players that grew up watching them on the pitch will take their places. The league’s role is vital in developing both the players and coaches of the future.”

And the future is here thanks to Renegade GK and the NPSL.

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