What Type of Goalkeeper Are You?

What Type of Goalkeeper Are You?

There Are Three Types of Goalkeepers:

  1. The goalkeepers who want to have fun, are not interested in competition, winning or losing, nor being part of the team, they simply want to play for fun.
  2. The goalkeepers who are only interested in “being known” as the keeper on the top team. They want the “title” as the  Varsity keeper, College goalkeeper or Professional, ODP, ECNL, Academy, etc. To he/she it is about what they can “GAIN” from the game and how it will make them look and feel in the future.
  3. The goalkeepers who want to compete, want championships, wants to be challenged & loves learning and improves every week. He is not forced nor pushed to do anything, they take the initiative to do things on their own. He is fully committed to the game and training but, at the same time, is humble & loves the game.

All of these goalkeepers are MOTIVATED to accomplish “something” in soccer.  Motivation is the burst of energy needed to keep going or to initiate something.  It also plays an important role in the life of every athlete.  

However, motivation is not enough to reach a certain goal because your motivation changes all the time. Some days you are so excited to do a certain activity but the very next day you feel like you hate it.  It comes and goes.

Motivation comes from many sources such as movies you see, watching your favorite national team, listening to music or even moms & dads who “motivate” their kids to perform well so they can be noticed by a team, coach, or college, etc.   All of these are temporary feelings that eventually go away or simply disappear.

To reach a certain goal you need  COMMITMENT.  This means that a goalkeeper is not doing this to please anyone nor is manipulated to do things. Their commitment is a profound and deep belief in what he is doing.

Here’s a final thought… when your COMMITMENT level is HIGH, you will ALWAYS be motivated to keep going on you own, nobody has to push you to do anything and you will see improvement almost on a weekly basis. However, if you only rely on something or someone to motivate you to reach a goal then it is time to seriously check on your priorities before you run into a miserable journey ahead.

Source: ZPro Futbol

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