How To Choose The Right Gloves For Your Goalkeeping Child

How To Choose The Right Gloves For Your Goalkeeping Child

If you’re a parent, it can be difficult when you land on a website selling goalie gloves to know where to start. There are so many options to consider including cuts, styles, safety features, materials, budget, etc.

Where on earth do you even start?

Well, allow me to try and simplify things for you and make it easier for you to choose the right gloves for your future goalkeeping star.

  1. The Cut.

    The cut of a glove refers to the way the latex material on the palm is cut and stitched to the main body of the glove. There are many different ways to do this and each way affects the fit and the performance of the glove in different scenarios. I won’t go into the boring details, but I’ll try and help you decide which would be the most useful for your keeper.

    1. Roll Cut - This is the most popular cut and provides the largest area of contact with the ball.

      Great for: If your child has smaller hands and could use the extra help with grip.

    2. Negative Cut - This is style is more typically found in Europe and is a cut that provides a much tighter fit to the hand and added control on the ball.

      Great for: If your child has big hands and a big glove could be too clumsy.

    3. Flat Cut - This is a more traditional and ‘boxy’ cut of a glove. The fingers are more squared off as opposed to round and this allows for better ventilation.

      Great for: If you live in a hot climate or if your child has struggled with sweaty hands in the past.

    4. Hybrid cuts + Specialist cuts - We also offer some hybrid cuts which combine the features of two different cuts to give a ‘best of worlds’ situation. On top of that we also offer a flat gecko cut, which is a flat cut glove with added comfort padding and extended finger tips.

      Great for: If your keeper is playing in some more serious situations which demand more from their gloves. Also if they have a need for more than one of the features I mentioned above.

      Click here to see all the different glove cuts we offer.

  2. Materials

    The main difference between our ranges is the type of latex that we use on the palms of the gloves. The more you pay, generally the higher the quality of materials that we use on the gloves (All of our gloves are high quality, but some of our ranges are better than others). Of course there are also other options which are more suited to durability (such as our Triton range for hard surfaces) and others which have more of a focus on getting the most grip on the ball (such as our Fury range).

    My advice would be to look at each series that we offer and decide which would suit your player the most.

    Click here to see our full range of gloves.

    How To Choose The Right Gloves For Your Goalkeeping Child
  3. Budget

    Something you should consider is how much you are willing to pay for a pair of gloves. If your child is fairly young and is only playing at a low level then you might consider getting a cheaper pair of gloves - especially if this is their first pair.

    Bear in mind that whilst we might charge more than some other brands - we focus on extremely high build quality and durability for great value. So not only will our gloves last longer, but you are also getting considerably more features packed in as well.

  4. Style

    Each series we release has a different, custom-made design and color-way. As a general rule of thumb, I would say try not to let this dictate your buying choice as much as possible and try to focus on the other features that I’ve mentioned above.

    Remember: Just because a certain glove looks amazing and might perfectly match your keepers kit, that doesn’t make it the right glove for them and might actually hinder their performance on the pitch - and that’s the most important thing.

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