How to Break In Your Soccer Goalie Gloves

How to Break In Your Soccer Goalie Gloves

Though we know for most high-end gloves like our Renegade GK line there's really no need to spend much time breaking in your gloves as they are both soft and pliable. All Renegade GK gloves have been constructed with both the expanded and pre-arched palms which allow a glove that's ready for play right out of the box. We have seen however with other gloves that are not necessarily on the high end of the glove spectrum that players wanted to know how to break them in. We created this blog for that purpose. 

That being said, for almost all gloves from our experience you should be ready to play after a light warmup as the latex on new gloves does have a thin, non-visible layer that should be worn off simply from the manufacturers to add to the life of a glove and protect it while it's on the shelf or in a companies warehouse. Once this initial layer has been "broken in" the gloves will perform like a dream! For those seeking other options please keep reading below!

Goalkeeper gloves come in any variety of shape, color, cut, size, and material. These various factors contribute to your gloves’ thickness, fit, and interaction with the ball. But, no matter what GK glove you choose- no matter if it’s roll-cut, negative cut, flat-cut, or a hybrid cut glove, you will have to break it in a bit so that the glove fit is customized to your palm, fingers, and preferences. If you don’t spend the time breaking in your soccer goalie gloves, you risk contending with stiff, new gloves that aren’t comfortable- which can impact performance on game day.

Now, every single glove is different, but Renegade GK has compiled a variety of the best universal techniques to break in your goalkeeper gloves:

  1. Tape your soccer gloves’ fingers back. Using masking tape, electrical tape or even rubber bands, wrap your gloves so that the fingers and thumb are bent back and spread apart.

Another option: wrap the fingers of your gloves around a softball and tape them in that position. Leave the gloves taped or bound for a few days if you can- to increase finger flexibility.

  1. Put your goalkeeper gloves through the tests! Wear your gloves and get physical- do everything from playing catch to doing push-ups while wearing gloves- first to increase wrist mobility and then to loosen your gloves’ fingers.
  1.  Know that goalkeeper gloves have a lifespan. It’s a sad but true reality, the more a glove is considered ‘high-end’ (and the price tag usually supports this notion), the more likely you’ll have a glove with an amazing grip, but a short lifespan. Softer, stickier latex palms are popular in even Champion level soccer gloves, and while they may provide exceptional grip, you will notice they lag in durability.

To find a glove with more durability, you have to come to terms with sacrificing some grip. Soccer gloves that are designed for in-game play will last around 12-14 games before they should be retired to practice gloves. Some keepers can get more than a season out of their gloves, but this all depends on how well the gloves are cared for, how the keeper dives, the amount of stress placed on the glove and the surface the keeper plays on.

Renegade GK’s mission is to provide you with a superior soccer glove that balances quality gameplay with your budget. Take care to remember that gloves aren’t designed to be stored for months at a time. The oils in latex will dry out over time and will lead to a less enjoyable in-game experience.

  1. Keep a pair of training gk gloves in a rotation. Once you break in your gloves, you’ll want to keep them in game-day condition; we suggest that you don’t practice in them. Get an expensive pair that you can use for training, and that can take a beating. Once your game-day pair of gloves begins to show signs of wear and tear, you should retire them to your practice pair and get a new pair of goalkeeper gloves.

Another factor in caring for your gloves- wash them. Try to wash them after every game to remove the dirt, grime, and sweat that will lead to premature glove wear and tear.

Once you’ve washed your gloves, you can stuff the fingers with newspaper to absorb excess water and then hang them up to dry overnight.

Before your next game, just moisten the gloves a bit to improve grip or follow Renegade GK’s tips for improving glove grip. Also, make sure that you’re caring for your gloves during the match- as latex dries out (especially if it’s softer), you need to moisten the palms. Spit only goes so far. Be careful: super soft latex can become very slippery when wet, so it’s important to find the correct balance before game day.

With a little bit of care and preparation, any keeper can get the glove regimen of their dreams. Take your game to the next level. Join the revolution. Shop Renegade GK.

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