Meet Pilar Collado, Newest Member Of Renegade's Pro Keepers

Meet Pilar Collado, Newest Member Of Renegade's Pro Keepers

April 30, 2018

Meet Renegade GK's newest pro goalkeeper
So proud to introduce one of our newest Pro goalkeepers Pilar Collado of Madrid, Spain. Pilar currently plays in goal for Madrid CFF competing in the Women's Primera Division of Spanish football.
Pilar has a phenomenal history playing at the top levels and has had stints with other Spanish clubs along the way such as Las Cruces BSC and Móstoles URJC. Very rarely do we feature a goalkeeper with a highlight reel that includes a goal, but, then again Pilar is pretty impressive! Check out this shorts snippet from last season where Pilar manages to score on a one-hop punt catching the opposing keeper caught out of position.
We couldn't be more excited about this new addition to our team and know that we will continue to see great things out of Pilar! Below we've included a few other facts and a highlight reel so that you can get to know Pilar a bit better!

Player Profile

Pilar in net making it look easy, what a phenomenal display of solid soccer goalkeeper skills.
Name: María del Pilar Collado Ehapo
Nickname: Collado
Current Team: Madrid CFF
Number: 22
Glove size: 7
Preferred Glove Cut: Negative/Roll Finger
For Fun:

Favorite pro team to follow: Real Madrid
Favorite food: Italian Pasta
Favorite GK: Ter Stegen/ Keylor Navas
Dreams/Goals: Play in the first division
Favorite RGK glove model: Fury UV/ Fury Volt
If you could play for any club which would it be?: Manchester City Women's Football Club
Describe your best save ever: A perfect dive to the bottom corner of the goal to push the ball wide.

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